Learn To Fly In Paradise…

Learn To Fly In Paradise…

Start your professional pilot journey here, or just learn to fly for fun!

Never had a flight lesson? Ask us for a discovery flight - a 1 hour flight experience you can share along with 2 friends or family members.

Already a pilot? Get checked out by one of our CFI’s and let the solo Hawaiian adventures begin.

NO WAITLIST! We are accepting new students now!

Flight Training

Discovery Flights

Fly an airplane for the first time! This 1 hour flight around Oahu will gently ease you to the world of General Aviation. Your CFI will guide you safely from takeoff to touch down.
Want to share the experience with your friends and family? Bring up to 2 people along for the ride.

Private Pilot

Your journey begins with this certificate. Learn the fundamentals of aviation from the best CFI’s in the state. All while soaking in the panoramic Hawaiian views.
There is no experience more rewarding than earning your wings. What are you waiting for?

Instrument Rating

Bad weather, low visibility? No problem! Learn to fly an airplane with no visual reference to the outside world, and tackle the most challenging of conditions with this advanced rating.

The most competent and safe pilots navigating our airspace today are instrument rated pilots.

Commercial Pilot

Mastery of your aircraft is proven with this professional rating. Are you ready for that first flying job? You will need this certificate to start.

Multi-Engine Rating

One of the most enjoyable and quickest ratings to obtain. Our multi-engine trainer will make your transition to 2 engines a blast!

Flight Instructor Ratings

Most pilots that are aiming to get to the airlines get their Certificated Flight Instructor rating. Boost your hours while getting paid to teach other pilots how to fly.

Get your CFI, CFI-I, & MEI here!

  • Guaranteed window seats and your very own private pilot, two seater plane.


  • Total weight per seat cannot exceed 275 pounds.
  • Cancellations or delays to the flight are at the pilot’s discretion for safety reasons, which may include inclement weather.
  • 24-hour notice for customer cancellations